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duly ignored
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If you’re ignoring something that needs to be done, I can promise you it’s holding you from greatness. Because it never goes away, no matter how hard you try to bury.  You’ll wake up with the the thought “what about ___? Oh, I’ll think about it tomorrow.” You’ll be talking to a client and the thought pops into your head again, distracting you from your conversation.  Often the thought, if buried deep enough, will turn into an illness.

Take the time.  Do what you have to do.  Often, the dragon we face ends up being a kitty cat – it just wants some attention.

I’ve wondered why these Hollywood celebrities keep doing drugs.  Those of us who just live in the day to day can see they have a problem.  Hell, we can see when we have problems!  I read that if you start doing drugs in your teens, your brain is not fully developed and you create a massive chain reaction of addiction.  That it never ends.  Maybe.  Still.  Don’t we all grow up sooner or later?

Why is it the local experts get no love? I’m very qualified to speak on social media, yet I have to travel over 50 miles to get speaking gigs.  Locally, they want to bring in others from the big cities.  And I’m not the only one it happens to.  Familiarity breeds contempt?

Why is it I have my greatest blog post ideas while I’m somewhere I can’t write them down? Driving.  In a meeting.  I put my google phone number on speed dial so I can call it in the car and leave myself messages.  I’ve added a notebook and pen beside my bed.  Now the hard part – making the call and writing down the thought!

Have you enrolled for the Small Business Social Media Summit? Well, why not?

One more thing.  I’ve been watching the social media experts and noticed something.  A lot of them are talking and talking and talking …. and not doing anything.  Just saying.

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