One Person Can’t Do Everything

Naoshima #1One person can’t do everything, I know – I’ve tried.

One person can not be everything to everybody.  I know – I’ve tried.

It’s why mission statements and manifestos are so important.  They help you to focus and bring you back to what is important.  They are your ‘why’.  Each of us needs a reason, a why we do things.  It helps in our businesses, in our charitable giving (time and money), in our friendships, in our personal lives.

Our mission statement at the Chamber is “to provide economic growth and development for businesses.”  It is simple enough, short and to the point.  Every project we take on, every event we host, we ask – does it fit our mission statement?  We are a small shop, with amazing volunteer help and board – however, we can’t do everything.  Our mission statement focuses us.

Becky and I at are small town enthusiasts and meet often to determine the projects we will work on together.  We joined forces to give you practical steps to shape a brighter future for your small town. We both have other jobs so our time together is planned and executed in a very intentional manner.  We are not everything to everybody.

Some people write personal manifestos to keep them on track.  You can google ‘personal manifesto’ and be inspired to develop your very own words of encouragement.  I like that idea, really I do.  Mostly I like the idea of that idea.  It’s like motivational quotes – they are heartwarming and fuzzy for about 2 minutes.  Then you get back to your real life.  I need something either stronger – written with a bigger WHY to move me to action long after the initial hoo rah has died.  

I’ve talked before about the Well Rounded Life List.  Mine was pretty feel good, and it sounded good too.  I just looked at it last April.  That’s when I realized it was not working.  Too feel good, too full of trying to be something to everybody, not enough why and not enough of what Deb wants – and no why in it.

I need these things: The What, The Why, and more Why.  

  1. What will I do
  2. Why is it important to me
  3. and when I don’t feel like I want to keep doing it, why is it really important to me.

So .. let’s start again with three things on my well rounded list and I’ll keep building over the summer.

  • Work out with trainer at least once a week and focus on getting stronger.  Move more each day, increase my steps to over 6,000 each day, and hit the new gym down the street 3 times a week.
    • I’m headed to Portugal this winter and will be doing lots of walking.  I like being able to not be winded, to be able to walk stairs and feel good, to wear clothes that fit and look great.
    • I don’t want to be an old woman that is sickly, alone and unable to care for myself. I see myself as strong, happy and vibrant.
  • Travel to small towns one weekend a month and write about it.
    • I really like to see what other towns are doing, hear their stories, and look at their buildings.  I like to write about it, and share it with my own community and also with other communities.  This part of my well rounded life fits into work, more work and also personal.  It’s a way to meet people, enjoy the work I do, travel and write (which is fun!).
    • It’s a great way to create income as a segue into the retirement stage of my life (several years down the road) and continue to do the kind of work I love to do.
  • Manage my personal budget with the assistance of my consultants.  Keeping better records (which means writing down mileage, keeping receipts in a file, etc.), balancing my checkbook, paying down debt.  This section is written in detail but I’ve chosen not to share it all in public – I think you can get the idea though!
    • I’m a single woman and depend on myself alone to manage my life and income.  Better record keeping and managing my budget will make my life easier.
    • As my income grows with additional speaking opportunities and more opportunities with Melaleuca, its just smart to be a wise financial person and not let money slip through my fingers.  Why not invest in myself and my retirement years?  It just makes good sense!