Sunday Update: Flipping tires

It’s good to switch things up.  Is your workout the same thing, time after time?  This week I flipped a 75 pound tractor tire in my workout.  That was fun. We also slammed 40 pound ropes and did a little boxing.  Talk about working up a sweat!

13557744_1133362946716044_6624012336030666137_nI also walked all over the high school footfall practice field, soccer fields, and ball diamonds on July 2 to make sure the fireworks went off as planned. It was a day of walking – and I certainly got my workout in that day!

FullSizeRender (1)Today my niece Sarah came to town and we went to various locations all over town and took pictures for new head shots for both online and offline photos that I need.  We walked Wilson Brewer Park, West Twin Park, the trail area and beach out at Briggs Woods Park and downtown Webster City.

Getting outside and walking and just doing things outside of your regular routine is a good thing.  It’s so easy to fall into the habit of going to work, coming home and eating dinner, and then doing nothing (as in sitting around).  We justify it as necessary to de-stress.  What we forget is de-stressing can take many forms – and moving is often more beneficial than just sitting and zoning out.

So get up out of the chair, or off the couch – and take a walk around the block.  It’s a start.

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