Marshmallow Love


I met Nathan at a Misfit Conference in Fargo.  Nathan and his family make marshmallows.  Their company is Wondermade.

The entire business started because Nathan needed to buy a Christmas gift for his wife.  The internet led him to candy which led him to marshmallows.  After noticing that all their friends wanted to order marshmallows they practiced and perfected for a year.

That’s why I’m eating Bourbon Wondermade Marshmallows as I write this.

Let’s take a closer look at this story.  For it is a story of love.

Wondermade started as an act of love and they do put love into every box, I believe that.  The choose cane sugar as their sweetener, instead of fructose.  They looked high and low for the team to help with branding and packaging.  Even though they are in Florida, their branding team is in Philadelphia.

10414174_10203345737540848_1704331939_oNathan wears red pants.  Every day.  Because red is his favorite color and it makes him happy.  And who wouldn’t want to be happy every day?  It’s been 1000 days of red pants so far, and he sees no end in sight.

They change up their flavors and try new things.  Bourbon remains my favorite.  You’ll have to visit the site to see St. Patricks Day specials.

They are willing partner up with others.  Do you have a store that Wondermade marshmellows would be good in?  Just reach out to

I tasted them at the Misfit Conference.  I thought the small square design was cute.  The taste is exquisite and they literally melt in your mouth.   I never dreamt that I would order marshmallows on the internet.  But it seems I order every couple of months, bourbon for me and another flavor as a gift for someone.

Because they are made with love.  And who doesn’t love that story?