Marketing to Millenials

bbbThe Better Business Bureau has shared this article with us.  It’s brief, concise and to the point.  

Tips for Marketing To Millennials

The Millennial Generation is now as large, if not larger, than the Baby Boomers. They are a popular target for advertisers and marketers, but what is important to this age group born between 1980 and 2000?

Here are some tips for successful communication with this market segment:

You need to have a strong social media presence. If not, your business will be irrelevant. Even if you have only a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn presence and update it once or twice a week, it will make a difference.

Verify your facts. Millennials can check the truthfulness of your statements with a quick search on Google. If you’re less than honest they will not only let you know it, but will share it on social media.

Be concise and quick. Speak in terms of sound bites because this generation wants you to present your case concisely and not beat around the bush, so don’t be long-winded in making a presentation.

Be transparent. Just as they like you to be factual, it is also important that you be transparent in your truthfulness. Whatever goods or services you are selling, Millennials want their questions answered and not to be kept in the dark.

Build relationships. This generation is like all others in this regard. If you take an interest in them, a sincere one, you will build trust and a longer-term relationship.