Life on the Sugar Free Front

Life on the Sugar Free Front

Good Lord, do you have any idea how hard it is to eat sugar free? I started on the 15th of January. The first thing I did was go through my house and remove items on the not-approved list. The Food Pantry basket at our church was very happy! The 2nd thing I did was read Sugarettes by Dr. Scott Olson. There’s a real eye opener!

Did you know when you take sugar out of your diet, that you are going to feel like you have the flu? You might have headaches, mood changes, and you will have cravings. Make it through the first couple of days (my task this week) and then you might feel dry. What happens is your body holds onto water to dilute the toxins you are putting into it. No toxins, the water is released. Your bloating goes WAY down.

Now your body is surely feeling a whole lot better! So much better it decides to get rid of a lot of junk you’ve been carrying around. You might experience all sorts of illnesses. A cold is common, skin disturbances are too. This is par for the course – your body is detoxing and all that junk needs to come out!

What are the results? Better sleep, weight loss, increased energy!

Dr. Scott Olson who wrote Sugarettes gives us some practical tips.

Eat often. He recommends eating something every couple of hours. I liken it to putting gas in your car. You know your car runs better if you never keep the tank below half! What you are doing is balancing your blood sugar level and it lessens the cravings you will have.

Eat dried fruit. It helps with the cravings for dessert after your meal! Don’t over do it though.

Salad greens. Eat some before your meal. They help fill you up and are loaded with vitamins and other nutrients.

Exercise. It’s been shown to reduce cravings. Having a sugar fit? Go shovel some snow, take a walk, play with your kids. Move.

Brush your teeth. It puts a sweet taste in your mouth and you don’t feel like eating after brushing. Be sure to use a natural toothpaste (see Deb)!

Drink water. Just a glass of water. Sometimes your brain is sending a signal you are hungry – and you are just thirsty!

Supplement. Are you taking your vitamins? Even doctors recommend a good multivitamin! I can help you with that. Give me a call at 641-458-1114.

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