Letting Go

This week I had a terrible experience.  Someone I love turned on me.  We haven’t talked in a long time, and that’s not so unusual as you get older.  I’ve asked for pictures and attempted communication on facebook – but had no response.  Finally I had to relay a message that was not pleasant.  And frankly, I relayed it badly.  And by voicemail.  I did call back and speak to her husband and apologize and let them know I really didn’t mean to be so rude in the delivery.

She won’t talk to me.  I think probably never.  

My first instinct is to try to fix it.  This problem.  That’s what I do – fix things.
But what do you do when it can’t be fixed?  She believes she is right.  Adamant about it.  I believe there are two sides to every story and just maybe we are both wrong and both right.  
I finally had to decide something.  Did I want to be happy, or did I want to be right?  
I wished her and her family well, told her I loved her.  I doubt if I hear back from her.  I chose happy.   
As always on this blog I look for ways to tie our personal life into our professional life.  Where else in my life am I holding onto something that is no longer working for me?  Is there something I think I need to fix – when really, I need to let it go?  

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