It’s always been about you, my rural friends

2022 found me on the road a lot, visiting rural small towns, sharing stories and giving presentations. I’ve added a recap to my speaking site here. I love my work, and it’s because I get to work with people just like you. You are: 

  • The dreamers who want to build their community, 
  • the folks who want to save the good things and make new things, 
  • the non profits out to help the people, 
  • the professionals and bureaucrats who feel there’s got to be a better way, and 
  • individuals like me who want to save their small towns. 

Thank you for being the rural activists and enthusiasts you are! You help keep our places unique, diverse and great areas to live in. This past year Becky and I focused on helping to build fairer, more unified communities. You make it possible for us to help you. Again,thank you. 

On a personal note, I have moved to the Gulfport, Mississippi region. I’m not a fan of winter, and have often said ‘one day I’m moving to the ocean.’ I didn’t think that day would come, but it felt good saying it. A year ago I had an epiphany. What am I waiting on? I work from where I’m at. I’m not getting any younger (sadly.) The constant cold weather is not conducive to my health needs. 

My friend Chris Lain, the former mayor and chamber director at Savanna, Illinois moved a year ago to Gulfport. I’d been conversing with him, watching his videos and seeing his pictures. Why not give this area a try? 

Pascagoula, MS has been on my radar since we’ve shared their story of changing a dirt ‘ol lot into an exciting place with small cottages for businesses to rent and use. I’m looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes! Plus there are many small towns in the area! 

Is your community in the area, or a nearby state? Let’s have a visit! I’d love to hear your stories, your challenges, your hopes and your dreams. Just email 


Anchor Square photo by Rebecca Broyles