Indiegogo to Save the Webster

1011013_10202667025933482_1858603407_nThe Webster Theater is closed.  It took $24,500 to buy the building.  It will take $80,000 to upgrade to the digital equipment.  The nonprofit group HERO (Help Entertain and Restore Organization) has raised almost $50,000 towards the equipment. The local community has given and continues to give.  SHIFT Happens is having a dodgeball tournament on Saturday with proceeds going towards HERO.  Webster City Federal hosted a matching give week and raised almost $5,000. First State Bank employees and the bank gave $5,000.  75 people have bought seats for $300 each.  We had a poster sale.

Now it’s time to reach out on the internets and provide an opportunity for people to donate online – and receive perks.

We created an Indiegogo campaign. 

The Entrepreneurial Class at Webster City High School created the two videos that are featured.  We spent many hours discussing what the perks should be.  When you donate to an Indiegogo campaign you receive a perk.  We knew tshirts were important.  But we also want to give everyone a chance to be a hero – and we started the perks at $5.  We also knew that it was important to you to find out the importance of donating.  We encourage you to read the content!

Finally — we’re sharing it all over the internetz, including here.  We also ask you to donate, if you can.  We ask you to share the link with your friends and to be a hero too.