What I Wish More People Knew About Me

Today I’m going to talk about some things you may not know.  It’s personal.  I’m a big believer in getting to know each other in order to build lasting relationships.  We spend a lot of time together online, chatting on twitter, messaging on Facebook, exploring Google+.  That’s great, but I think we need to spend time together in real life as well.  It’s hard for me to do that with my friends in Canada, England, New Zealand and around the world.  This exercise in sharing, hopefully, will give you just a closer look at who I am.

I simply love to travel. Whether it’s to Greece or around the corner to Iowa Falls Iowa.  I like to pull out a map, choose a course I haven’t driven, and head out on the open highway.  I get this from my mother.  We are the best traveling companions in the world.  We never drive back on the same road we started out on.  I like it so much, I’m writing a book about traveling with my mother.  I’ve traveled to events around the US, and some just so I could go on a trip.  My perfect gig?  Traveling somewhere and writing about it.

I’m a bleeding heart liberal.  I believe people sometimes need a hand up and a hand out. I think there’s enough money in the world for all of us to live comfortably.  I believe the rich should share with the poor.  I also believe each man/woman should learn how to do something that moves them and figure out how to get paid to do so.  I don’t think we should continually support someone who won’t try to do better.

History is my first love. I could spend days reading historical novels.  I could get lost in the stories of the past.  I do my best to share my love for history and find ways to enthuse people.  When visitors come to town, I give the historical tour.  When I travel to far away places, I look for the history.  When I travel to one town over – I look for the history.

Kids like me. And I like them.  Whenever I am in a crowd of people, kids gravitate towards me.  I do believe they are what will save our world, we must treat them well.

Law and Order: SVU is my current obsession.  I am watching the entire series on Netflix.  Currently I’m on episode 193 (of 248).  I don’t have regular tv or cable – only Netflix.  I find it is enough.  Especially since all I watch is SVU.  Well, I like documentaries too.

I believe each of us has good in us. If you look for the bad in someone, you’ll find it.  It’s true of the opposite as well.  Look for the good – it’s there.

Meeting new people who are smarter than me lights me up. I love learning, and also having the opportunity to contribute to the conversation.  That’s easier to do online.  140 Characters makes you think quicker and get to the point.  Time flies when I’m learning, sharing, talking.

I believe that whoever you tell me you are, you are. That’s the joy of the internet.  You can be bigger and better online.  Then when I do meet you, I hold you to that promise of who you said you are.  So dream big and share big and fail big — all of it leads you to the life you love.

I can cook, I really prefer not to on a regular basis. It’s much more fun to go out to eat with friends, or to barbecue or visit a friends house.  (It’s also another reason I love to travel – for the food.)

I wake up excited for another day.  Yes, I ‘m a happy camper every morning.  I love making my coffee, and reading my email and facebook while drinking my coffee.  I love seeing the sunrise.  Morning is my most favorite time of day.

I do not know how to step away from the computer. It’s my work.  It’s my fun.  It’s my learning tool.  It’s my circle of influence.  I have work/life boundary issues.  And I don’t care!  I think balance is too hard to do all the time.  Life ebbs and flows – and I go with the flow.

Everyone should work in retail for 6 months. Bartend, sell clothes at the Gap, serve pizza, sell tickets at a fair — something.  You learn customer service, patience, people skills and how to be kind to others in the future.  I detest bad customer service – and will point it out to the person performing it.

Family is everything. Right after God, my priority is my family.  Dynamics change, people come and go but family will always be family.  They are the ones who love you the most.  They are the ones who stand in your corner when you need them there.  They are the ones who tell you the truth, when no one else will.  Not all the members of my family are blood relatives either.  Some are chosen.

I read What I Wish More People Knew About Me by Amber Naslund.  In it she shared a few things about herself with her online community.  Amber issued a challenge/request that we do the same.   I’ve done it — would you now please share as well?