How are you using your talent?

Thanks to Kathyrn Marie at Pinterest for the pic!

Today in church the preacher talked about the Parable of the Talents.  Matthew 25:14-30

My interpretation is: The master went away, but before he went he gave one slave 5 talents (in those days, a talent was a monetary unit), 1 slave two talents and 1 slave 1 talent.  The guy with 5 and 2 both went to work and doubled their talents.  The slave with 1, buried his so he wouldn’t take a chance on losing it.  The master was happy with the first two slaves and ticked off at the last guy.  You’re supposed to work with the talent(s) you have — not bury it!  He told him he’d be miserable and everyone in his family would be unhappy too.

The preacher asked us to look at this story a little differently.

Imagine that God was the master, and he has given us all talents (the ability to do something well) – some more than others.  But we all have talent, in some degree.  The object is to use your talent to make a difference.  Both to those around you and to yourself.  You don’t want to hid your light under a bushel basket (another parable)!

Now this is how parables work.  They are a short story that illustrates a universal truth.  Jesus told a lot of parables.  Can you see the universal truth in this one?

I can – we are all given talent (not money, not fame, not wealth – but a special natural ability).  What we do with it is totally up to us.  

How are you using your talent?



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