How Good Are Your Grapes?

Last month CBS 60 Minutes featured a report on the benefits of resveratol.  It may slow or reverse aging!  You can view the entire report  by clicking here

If you are involved with a business that promotes health, you need to know this information!  If you take grape extract products, you should be aware of it as well. 

Are your grapeskin products using grapes that have that right levels of antioxidants?  Make sure your grapes have not been scavenged by wine making operations.  That lowers the flavonoids – and makes them pretty useless.  

Then you want to consider if your body is actually absorbing these grapeskin products.  Are you spending money on tablets that just end up in the sewer system?  

I know my company has products with the right ingredients and that are absolutely absorbed better than any other companies (proof in writing).  I’m happy to be slowing down my aging process and getting the proper antioxidants into my my body.

Can you say the same?   Feel free to contact me for more information!

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