How do you start your day?

Today’s blog post is written by guest blogger Vicki White.

How do you start your day?

How you start your day is how it continues! What do you do in your first 30 minutes?

Do you start your day by leaping out of bed after hitting the snooze button a few times, rushing into the shower, grabbing a bite to eat and then out the door? Or running around taking care of someone else?

What would happen if you created sacred time for yourself each day? What kind of message do you think that would send out to the Universe about your intentions?

One of your greatest acts of self kindness you can do is to claim time for yourself first thing each day. Here are some simple ideas you might want to consider.

1. Write morning pages – this is a powerful head decluttering act. The idea is to write three pages of stream of consciousness writing, without stopping, editing, correcting – and just see what comes up – you’ll be surprised. Do this each day and you’ll be making space for creativity and all kinds of insights. This is my #1 morning activity. It will take 20-30 minutes.

2. Plan your day – this is simple. Make a list of your three most important tasks for the day. The three that are ‘must do’s’, three that will move you towards your big picture intention for your business or life. And decide which one you’ll start with before you do anything else – especially before you check email.

3. Make your Bed – This only takes a couple of minutes and you’ll be honoring yourself – it’ll feel so good when you go into your bedroom during the day.

4. Make a green smoothie – to start your day off with a bang. Just picture all those nutrients going directly into your blood stream. Imagine starting your day off like that. This is also a #1 activity for me, but I do it after my sacred time when I’m a bit more hungry!

5. Write a gratitude list – list 10 things you’re grateful for – do this every day and you’ll be tapping into that abundance vibration.

6. Walk the dog and/or yourself – get your body moving by walking or doing yoga or stretches. I know if I don’t do this first thing in the morning it doesn’t happen.

7. Write a card or postcard telling someone you’re thinking about them – takes 2 minutes if you have the card and the stamp handy! This is my new one!

8. Sit in silence for 10 minutes – adding this into your sacred morning time ensures that every day you have some time in silence. Ahhhh…

9. Read something inspirational – what you put in is what you get out. Do this and set an inspired tone for the day!

10. Focus on being present during your shower – one of my clients does this. Rather than just getting in and out while thinking of other things – she takes a few extra minutes to feel the water washing over her and washing the old energy off – it’s a different experience to be present with anything – rather than having those precious minutes and hours of your life just speed by barely noticed. This is a great one to add to your sacred time.

Extra tip: create a DO NOT DO list: on mine is ‘do not check emails first thing, or even turn the computer on until after MY time’. This is how I can easily sabotage myself so I need to keep it top of my list!

You do not need to do all these things – but add them to your list of possiblities. What else would feed YOUR soul? Many of these things probably don’t fit into your day once it gets busy – by carving out this time first thing in the morning you make sure they’re included – but more importantly you make sure YOU’RE included in your day!

Decide how you’re going to take this sacred time for yourself. Sacred time feeds your soul and enables you to give to others. Giving to others all the time without claiming your own sacred time leaves you feeling drained, depleted, cranky and disconnected from yourself.

Perhaps you need to go to bed 30 minutes earlier to you can get up 30 minutes earlier – what are you doing that’s so important late at night anyway? Perhaps you need to find a quiet space you can claim as yours – clear the clutter and gather some precious things – your journal, a candle, a comfy chair.

One thing’s for sure, you need to treat this time as sacred. Unless the house is burning down, you are not available to others. For some this may mean asking for someone’s help – do it! It’s THAT important.

If this is a major change for you, start small – can you take 30 minutes? If you can’t take 30 minutes for yourself, you need this more than anyone! It’ll make a huge difference. Then work up to an hour or longer. Just imagine what a difference it will make to your day. These things may look very simple and not that significant – but they will make a huge difference to your day.

Do you have a morning ritual, and if so, what do you do?

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