Have you been foraging?

I joined a group of people in Hiller Park in Biloxi. I found them on Facebook, it was an event to go foraging and learn about plants all around us that we can eat or use. 

I had no idea. Hiller Park is in a town by the ocean, has lots of trails, playground equipment and open spaces. We found berries that can be mixed with water and taste like a soda. The rattlesnake weed is considered a gourmet item. There were camphor trees, bayberry trees, and climbing hemp vines – all can be used for different things like lotions, food and natural medicines. 

In a couple of weeks I’m going back to pick some berries. I love mulberries! 

Ideas around foraging in your local community:

  • Visit with your local DNR or County Conservation folks. See if they do a foraging workshop. If not, ask them too!
  • Is this a great project for 4H? I’d say yes.
  • You may have master gardeners in your area. Ask them if they can do something similar with flowers.
  • If you need more ideas, order the video Food Builds Community. It’s $9 and a great investment in learning about using food to building up your community.
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