They put a restaurant in a roofless building

I created the Tour of Empty Buildings ten years ago, in 2013. There have been many towns that ran with the idea and host tours too. Natchez, MS, Danville, KY, Jefferson, IA, Oglesby,Il are just a few of them. The Texas Historical Commission has been hosting Imagine The Possibilities Tour in small towns state wide since 2017.

image from Texas Historical Commission

One of my favorite success stories in the 107 Building in Paris, Texas. It was on the Texas Historical Commission’s tour. It’s a roofless building that was slated for demolition.

image from Texas Historical Commission

However, a couple had a better idea. They created a roofless restaurant! The cleaned it up, built a kitchen (the gray building inset in the picture below) that is covered for safety reasons and opened for business. 107 Paris is still open today.

photo by Cheri Bedford

What could you do with your empty and roofless buildings? Why not start with a Tour of Empty Buildings?

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