Hashtag Campaign for RAGBRAI Pass through

photo by Daily Freeman Journal

photo by Daily Freeman Journal

RAGBRAI is coming through Webster City!  We are excited and thrilled to welcome approximately 25,000 bike riders to our town early in the morning of July 21.

We’re currently putting together a hashtag promotion and asking everyone to enter their ideas about the perfect hashtag at

The idea is to create a hashtag we can use for this event, and perhaps even more events or activities in the future.  We’ll have tshirts for sale with this hashtag.  We will promote the event on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  And it won’t be just us promoting it — it will be the entire community and the visitors coming through!

At the Chamber, we’re investing time in using hashtags for our events.  It’s a great way to aggregate information all into one location.  To create a hashtag you put a # sign in front of a string of words.  For example, our next event is Sip ‘n Stroll.  We are using  #webcitysippers as our hashtag.  So as people are talking about the event, both before, during and after, we are encouraging them to use the hashtag.  Then we can go to a place like and type in that hashtag and find all the comments in one central locations.

We’ve been using #buywebcity to promote information about shopping in Webster City. There are several posts using that hashtag when you go to Tagboard to look at it.

Hashtags work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Tumbler, Pinterest, Flickr, Kickstarter and Vine.  If you are in any of those applications you can search by the hashtag and find information relevant to that hashtag. If you see a hashtag on facebook, click on it and you’ll be taken to a page with comments made that include that hashtag. You can also search for it by putting that hashtag in the search box.

Will you help us find an awesome hashtag for our pass through on July 21?