Google Good Stuff

google me felicito tambien!!!!!Looking for good flights?  Check out  Super easy to use and your can save your searches.  I am going to Tucson on January, and currently I’ve got a round trip flight saved for $385.  Now I can monitor it and see when it drops!  Also, it’s a good idea to book on a Tuesday (cheaper flights) and Huffington Post article here says to book 54 days in advance for the best flight price.

Need a break?  Visit and search for Atari Breakout.  Just try it.  Then try to step away from the page.

Now go back to Google images and see the little camera in the right hand corner of the search box?  You can put any image link here or upload an image from your computer.  So if you see an image on Pinterest with no credit information, you can find out here!

Just a few things to do on Google — what else would you suggest?


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