God Is With Us

As we finish the Advent, the Season of Waiting, to welcome Christ incarnate into our midst this night, I wanted to share a reflection about this Emmanual,this “God with Us.” –

Mother Teresa said that we don’t rightly grasp the meaning of the Incarnation, because if we did, we could respond in no other way than to honor Him.

The verse for our reflection:

But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body as it hath pleased Him.”

— 1 Corinthians 12:18 KJV

De and nuni are the Greek words translated“But now” in 1 Corinthians 12:18.De is rendered “But” in the King James Version, and rendered “And” in the New American Standard Version. It carries both meanings, and also something stronger: “Moreover.”

The scripture writer is trying to communicate that what follows is an important, emphatic point. Our English conjunctions don’t quite carry enough weight, but know that the writer is trying to get our attention. Nuni means now. Not just a “Now I’m ready to go,” sort of now; but a “Come here right now!” sort of now. Yes, it means “precisely now,” and “at this very moment.” It is locked forever in this present instance. It doesn’t look to the past; it doesn’t anticipate the future. It is now; and now; and also now.

As time passes, even as I write this, even as you read it, nuni means “right now.”

Theos is the Greek word translated “God” in this verse. Depending on context it can mean “a god” or “the Godhead.” Scholars have rendered it “God” in this case so let’s assume it’s the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and also the god and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. So let’s reflect on this:

In this very moment God is acting. At this precise time God is actively doing something in your life.

Sometimes we get the idea that God is rather busy: It’s not that He doesn’t care about us, it’s just that, you know, we’re in the queue and He’ll get to us eventually. This scripture declares that our idea of a busy, distracted or distant god is in error. Because, “moreover, right now God . . . .”

Claim this truth for today: Even now, God. . . .

A Prayer

Oh, God: You’ve been here with me all along! I knew that. I can’t explain why I don’t act as if I know that. But here You are, right now with me. Wow! Lord, today I invite You to be noticeably present in my life. I love You, Lord. I’m ready to let others see You (right now) in me. Amen.

It’s Christmas. God is with us.

©Keri Holmes Guest blogger

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    And God is good! Amen.

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