Get Rid of It

cadillacIt’s amazing the amount of things we collect.

I am selling my 1991 Cadillac*.  Over 200,000 miles and a gas guzzler.  I’ve bought a smaller car and it’s time to let Baby the Cadillac go.  That means I had to clean it out.  It’s been parked since January.

That’s only three months.  I had 3 bags of garbage, 2 boxes of old clothes and assorted items like a blender and many tools.  In the car!  I threw out or gave everything away except for the tools. I feel so much lighter!

Where else in my life can I do that?

I’m headed to the bedroom to pull out my spring and summer clothes.  I’m going to give away a lot of the winter things – many I’ve not worn.  I think “this used to be cute, it may come back in style.”  “Maybe I can fit this if I lose a few pounds.”  “I might gain the weight back, better save it.” All of those items are going to Goodwill.

I read a blog post from Christine Kane in July 2009.  She was cleaning out her house and got to the furniture in the basement.  She just didn’t want to let it go.  Never mind she wasn’t going to use it, she could afford to buy new and it was just taking up space. She discussed it with her therapist.

He said that everything in our lives has energy. Everything has our thoughts and emotions embedded into it. Old furniture is no exception. In essence, what  Christine was saying to the universe and to her subconscious, creative self was this: “I believe so deeply in my own failure that I’m holding onto physical things that represent that possibility. Every time I walk by these items in my basement, I will be reminded of my inevitable failure. Every moment I’m in my house, my subconscious will know that in the very foundation of my life (my basement), there are items that prove I don’t believe in my own success.”

Smart guy.

Over the weekend, after I get the taxes worked on, I’m tackling the paperwork.  Any suggestions for a cohesive sorting method?

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  1. paul merrill on April 1, 2010 at 2:16 am

    Great moves forward, Deb.

    I am trying to be ruthless in dealing with the stuff that “sticks” to me. It’s hard!

  2. Deb on April 1, 2010 at 11:14 am

    I packed up two huge garbage bags of clothes – I was holding on to the big clothes, in case I gained weight back. It’s as if I have now given myself permission to keep losing weight – there are no big clothes left. I like your analogy of getting rid of the sticky stuff. Thanks!