Found Treasure

pic of bookI moved Monday and Tuesday.  I’ve been unpacking.

I found a small book called The Quiet Eye by Sylvia Shaw Judson.  It was a gift given to me when I moved to North Carolina from a former client of mine, Sam.

Inside was a handwritten note that reads


A gift to you of a book which is very dear to me.  Sylvia Shaw Judson was a close friend of my grandparents.  The Shaw family home called Ragdale is now a foundation which provides living/working space for writers/artists.

I hope you find the Quiet eye an artistic and perhaps even spiritual thought provoking journey.

Grace, peace from one who is still a computer illiterate.


I had forgotten the note and had the book on a shelf.  Today, it has imbued me with the peace and grace it has always held.  What a found treasure!

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