Five Stories: Session Seven

Sunday at Seven (1)Once a week Becky McCray and I of blab about 5 stories we’ve read online and I share links here. Normally I share the video too – however, there was a glitch with blab this week.  We are working to rectify it, but it’s not fixed yet!  Once it is, I’ll come back and add the video back into this post.  Meanwhile, enjoy the links and the reading!

  1. Filling a knead: Watford City, North Dakota, high schooler opens bakery  She started with a lemonade stand…

I love that she is pursuing something she wants to do – and that her parents have been very helpful in making it happen. She’s also created jobs for other young people – and has figured out how to continue with her life and work.

  1. Tele-pharmacies could spread through rural Iowa  Bonus points for reusing an empty building!

This story made me cry. All of those small towns listed probably have an empty building and certainly have old people who can’t afford to be driving miles and miles to fill prescriptions. Not to mention other people who will take advantage of filling their prescriptions. Plus the advantage of adding one or two jobs to their community is a big deal. Bravo to NuPharmacy.

  1. Truck Based Commerce Continues to Expand – Financial Planning & Books  I do love mobile businesses!

This really opens up the conversation about doing business in small communities doesn’t it? You could actually cover a larger area but still be home every night. I think the SBA and SBDC would welcome business plan ideas around this – and be willing to look at how to fund this kind of venture.

  1. New Funding Options Take Root For Food And Agriculture Ventures | Locavesting …and there are lots of options.

Funding a new business is hairpulling at best – and I’m thrilled you found this article. I plan on going over it with a fine tooth comb so I can share it with people who ask me about money for new businesses. Now I know it’s geared towards locavesting – and my guess is you’ve spent some time with Amy Cortese, author of LocaVesting!

  1. Actions for Streets as Places: How Community Makes it Happen –  All great community builders. All about giving your place its own unique feel.

Such fabulous ideas! And worth sharing with planning and zoning people too – so many small towns have set up roadblocks so local merchants can’t block the sidewalk with cool things like little sitting areas. Don’t be dismayed – just be zealot nut (like me) and figure out how to do it during an event like our Crazy Day! Get people used to it – and wanting it.