Eight Thinks to Do on Small Business Saturday

  1. 12295254_10153850239819758_7918961326139323841_nBuy new furniture.  Locally.  Go visit your local furniture store and be surprised.  The value, the customer service and the attention to detail will simply blow you away.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what is now available in the better lines of furniture and how affordable the pieces are.  Don’t big box it today – go visit the local person who knows what he/she’s selling, what would best suit you and your family and provide the best value for your money.
  2. Take your good jewelry in to be cleaned.  That’s right; pay some attention to the jewelry you already own.  Have it cleaned professionally.  Invest in yourself and do it at your locally owned jewelry store.  While you’re there, see what else they have to offer.  You just might be surprised.  I found this lovely rose gold ring at my local jewelers!
  3. Check your furnace filter.  Do you have enough to last the rest of the winter?  Why not shop at your local True Value or local hardware store and get what you need?  See if they have some drill bits, or screw driver sets on sale, or gift cards – they make great Christmas gifts for the men in your life.
  4. Have you had your car winterized.  Better call your local car guys/gals – this is the perfect time to check the fluids, make sure your tires have the right amount of air in them, change the oil and get new windshield wipers!
  5. Go out to eat at a local restaurant!  I’m pretty sure we’re all tired of turkey by now… and we’ve got some great choices in town.  Or shop at one of our local grocery stores or ethnic grocery stores and make your own dinner tonight.
  6. Join the local gym! Oh my goodness – who doesn’t need a good workout schedule after all that great food?  Get a jumpstart on the New Year and start your exercise program now.
  7. Get a massage.  Or have a massage day.  We’ve got many choices in town, and you can also get gift certificates around town today too.  Start that holiday gift giving today.
  8. Participate with any of the local nonprofits for the holiday gift giving season.  Now’s the time – Angel Tree, Toys for Tots, Food Bank are just a few local choices available.American Express Small Business Saturday - The top ways to get involved



  1. Deb Brown on November 28, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    and yes, I want you to ‘think’ today!