What is Showrooming?

2008 12 26 - Altoona - Onmyodo 3You see something on tv, or online.  You go to your local store to actually look at the item.  Then you go online, often on your phone while you’re in the store, to find it somewhere else cheaper.  That is showrooming.

We live in a small town.  Small towns need local jobs, sales tax revenue, philanthropic donations and vibrant commercial districts.  All of those are undermined by showrooming.  Saving a few dollars may be more than offset by lost job opportunities, decreased property valuations, increased mill levies, lost public services and other adverse impacts. This is especially true where sales tax revenues fund essential public services.*

That’s just part of the pie.  What about the people who own the businesses?  Most of them work there – and live in the community.  They are your neighbors, your friends, they go to church with you.  They know you and you know them.  They are the ones who can give you the best customer service, who can find you the perfect item, who know what your spouse really wants for Christmas.  They will call you when the items you’ve been wanting comes in.  The big box store won’t do that, we promise.  These are the people you know, like and trust.

Please spend some time shopping in your small towns this weekend.  Consider where you’re spending your money and how it helps your community, and you too!

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