Dreamboard Design

Law of Attraction states that what you think about, you receive.

I know if I think about someone who has done me wrong,  I get upset.  I can wallow in it.  Complain about it.  Wonder “why me?”.  What’s really interesting — the person who did the alleged wrong is not even thinking about me.  The only one affected by the way I’m thinking, is me.

Each year I start a dream board.  I save my magazines throughout the year, and cut out pictures that are appealing to me, are of things I want.  Dreams — things I look at and say “boy I’d really like that”.

This was was no different.  I saved my magazines.  I cut out the pictures on New Years Eve.  I put them on a cork board with push pins and laid out attractively.

There is one difference.  I’m looking at the board and thinking “that’s my life”.

A simple shift from wanting – to acknowledging it as my own.

My dreamboard, it’s a now a Do Board.  Do board 2010