What does passion look like?

We hear a lot of people saying “just pursue your passion.”

If you’re like me, you’re not sure what passion looks like.

The first thought that comes to mind is all that old romantic stuff — kissing and smooching and carrying on. Yeah – that’s not what we are talking about here.

Take a minute and think.  What is it you love to do?  Why do you love to do it?  You’ll know if you’re passionate about it because it creates an energy you can feel.  You walk just a hair or two off the ground, you smile a lot, you are right there in the moment having a great time.

The next thing we are told is to do what we are passionate about and the money will follow.  Huh, I don’t know about all of that.  I think you have to work at it, study it, remember it, try it again after you fail a couple of times — just keep doing it.  Get really good at it.

If you find yourself after a long, exhausting day of work on the J.O.B. arriving at home and you are all excited about what you are doing at home — that’s a passion, baby.   If you save your money all year so you can go do something you love doing – that’s a passion.  What books are you reading?  Are they books about what you love to do?  Passion.  It shows up in many places and many ways — we just are not trained to see it. Look for it — train your eyes and mind to see it.

Now comes the hard part – after you’ve gotten good at it, how do you make a living at it?  Same way you eat an elephant – one bite at a time.  What are others in your passion field doing to earn money?  Study them.  Read about them.  Reach out to them if you can and ask a lot of questions.

And you know what?  Maybe you’ll never make a living at it.  Maybe it will remain a hobby.  And my friends, that’s okay too.  Because you’ll still be doing something you are passionate about.

I met Michelle Stamper in North Carolina.  She’s 39 years old and a FedEx driver.  She is passionate about auctioneering.  She goes to auctions for fun.  She saved her money and went to auctioneer school.  Now she’s licensed and stepping out into her chosen passion.  Did it happen overnight?  Nope.  But she kept at it, she studied, she had fun and she’s good at it.  One day we will be calling her Colonel!

Need an auctioneer in North Carolina or surrounding states?  Call Michelle at 1 336.480.7540