Could Not Have Said It Better Myself

freebies_1008CopyIn today’s ‘free’ economy, we have become so used to getting things at no apparent cost to us, that many people actually start to believe that companies doing work for nothing is sustainable. At the end of the day, the sad fact is that money does need to change hands at some point because the landlord, electric company, grocer, needs to get paid, and, even businesses with apparently low cost business models have to live as well.

Twenty years ago, people wouldn’t have dreamed that they were entitled to get something for nothing, but the Internet had to prove its low cost ‘proof-of-concept’ by giving stuff away and now the idea seems to have pervaded the rest of the economy.

Next time you are thinking about asking someone to do something for nothing, why not ask yourself ‘what do I have that I can give in exchange’, even if it’s not cash.

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