Just another day in the USA

141079 _911_BRV_Today I’ll visit a friend, go see my dad, get my hair done and go out to lunch with Mel. I’ll listen to part of the Iowa – Iowa State game.

I’ll work on some contract website jobs, make some phone calls and share the benefits of living in a chemical free home, cook some supper.

The tv will entertain me, twitter will make me laugh, facebook will bring a smile to my face.

It will be just another great day where I live.  That’s the power of living in the United States.  No group of terrorists will stop us from having a normal life. Many died, we remember.  Many fight for us, we remember.

We do remember.  And say a prayer.

We give thanks to those that make it possible to have this great life we are given.  I say thanks to my brother and nephew for stepping into the fray.  I give thanks to God for bringing my family home.  I ask Him to comfort the families of  those who died and didn’t make it home.

Oh yes, we remember.

picture from LA Times

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