Comfort Zones

I have a cat that sits in the bathtub.  Stutzbearcat likes the bathtub.  Can’t find him?  He’s in the tub.  No water – just chillin’ out in the bathtub.  That’s his comfort zone.  When he was a baby, he’d come into the bathroom and my husband, the bathtub guy,would rub him.  Now Stutz waits for hubby in the bathtub.  He knows he’ll get rubbed.

Where are our comfort zones in our life?  Do they still make sense?  My husband is on the road more often than he is home.  It no longer makes sense for Stutz to sit in the tub waiting for a rub.  Yet, he stays in his comfort zone.  
In order to move forward, you have to step outside your comfort zone.  I’m comfortable on the computer.  I’m not so comfortable making phone calls.  Guess what I do?  Make phone calls.  Not a lot.  Not yet.  It is important to do the things that you are good at.  It’s also important to do the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable.  I am scheduling calls now.  One hour a day.  I’m making it more fun too — I partner up with my business partner.  We are having a ‘balls to the wall’ hour every day.  We instant message inbetween calls.  
I am looking at my work habits to see where my ‘bathtub’ is.  Does it still make sense?  Where am I doing the same thing I’ve always done – and no longer getting the results I need?  How can I change that comfort zone?  
What’s your comfort zone?  Does it still make sense?