Friday Odds and Ends

World Nutella Day was yesterday.  I first had Nutella in Athens Greece – went to a place that made crepes.  That’s it – just crepes.  Nutella is a combination of chocolate and hazelnut – put in a spread.  You’ve got to try it.  You can find it by the peanut butter in the grocery store.  Fareway and HyVee both have it. for all kinds of info!  Let me know how you like it.  I can’t eat it on my sugar free diet.  But I will so vicariously live through you!  Please….. leave details in the comments!

Finished the Grant Request for $10,000 from the Community Foundation of Franklin County.  We hope to stabilize and rehabilitate the Old Stone House.  Actually, we will do that.  The Historical Society (which I am a director of) is raising money now to accomplish that task.  Have you ever written a grant?  Let me tell you – it’s very eye opening!  The good news is there are a couple of organizations locally we are going to first (Community Foundation and Center One).  We will also apply to the State Historical Society for funding.  Got any other ideas I might be missing?  

All my friends have colds.  I don’t.  I take the best vitamins in the world (they came with paperwork and scientific documentation to prove that).  I workout – every day.  I think these two reasons keep me well.  
Great Social Media Quotes
New marketing is about the relationsips, not the medium.  Ben Grossman of BiGMarK
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.  Ben Franklin
It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking too much.  Yogi Berra
Do you really listen or just wait for your turn to talk?  Anon
Figured out how to download music onto my mp3 player.  I subscribe to  Not sure how long I’ll do that.  They don’t have a lot of the artists I like.  Something about keeping the prices affordable.  Does that mean those artists are refusing? Self magazine had a article with top 100 workout tunes of 2008 in January’s issue.  I’m looking for those at emusic.  So far, no luck.  Music makes my workouts go so much quicker! 
Going to Kansas City next week!  Working on a project with the hubby (see the Nuval post).  Staying at Homestead Suites – hope it’s as nice as the Homestead Suites in Chattanooga was.  They do have wifi and an exercise room – so I’m good to go.    Any recommendations for good barbeque places?    

I love bandanas.  They cost about a buck.  They come in lots of colors and patterns.  I have short hair.  I sweat when I work out (hear that Erin?  I’m sweating!).  Nothing worse than a woman with sweaty hair all slicked close to her head.  So I wear a bandana.  My grandma thought I was cute when I wore a babushka.  It’s my mom’s fault.  I had to walk down a 1/3 mile driveway to catch the bus to school.  They put a dishtowel on my head (like the pic above) and then put a hat on.  The bad hair days started early for me.    I buy my bandanas locally.  I’m not above accepting gifts in the mail though.  Comment and I’ll give you my address!  Lol. 
Kellogs dropped Michael Phelps.  No surprise there.  Too bad he was just being a stupid kid.  Don’t you just want to shake him and say WTF? A good slap to the back of the head too.  There is a price to celebrity.  Apparently he thought he could do whatever he wanted.  Wrong. 
The veteran who died last month because he had no electricity in his home – his bill was $1,000.  He was 93 and had dementia.  He paid his bills faithfully for 50 years.  Why was his electric shut off?  Where was the customer service?  I’m not saying, I’M SAYING!  What the hell?  Oh yeah, he left all he had to the local hospital.  $600,000.  You read it right – six hundred thousand dollars.  
Franklin County Fair is coming………….. 150 year celebration!  It’s only the best county fair in the state!  Book your rooms now – I’m not kidding, we’ll be busy that week! July 15 to July 19.  I’ll be doing something — writing articles, giving tours of the Historical Society, visiting booths – and eating LOCAL food!  See you there.  

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