Body of Work

"One Seventeen A.M." partialPam Slim is a Misfit. Yes, a misfit – someone out to change the world.  She’s written a book called Body of Work.  She said at the Misfit Conference “the purpose of a good life is to create a body of work that you are proud of.”  I heard that in May and thought ‘what a cool concept’.

Then life took over.  Things went forward, but a little in the same vein they’d been in.

In early November Becky McCray came for a visit and we worked on my mission statement, my plan for going forward, my work creating a well rounded life.  Becky said “your many varied experiences have made you a great Chamber Director.  Your body of work is so extensive.”  There it was again, my body of work.

Just today I got a blog post from 9 Clouds and Scott said “Think about your work. What can you build towards? If you create the end goal, your day-to-day actions will create small pieces of art leading you towards your body of work.”

Like Scott, I’m working on sharing my body of work – the stories of my adventures and accomplishments – that may help someone, or some town, to move forward and contribute to their own body of work.  I’m also thinking about what my body of work will look like in five years, ten years.  What small acts today will contribute to that body of work?

Finally, considering my body of work a work of art is exciting.  We are all artists!


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