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d967b221-8c2d-431d-b83e-2a40cddb78eaBe Weird

No, really …

The Small Business Social Media Summit was last month.  Over 120 small business people attended – a record number for this first time event.  The speaker line up was fabulous, and everyone left with lessons learned and a toolkit to take back to their offices/stores/businesses.

Today we’re sharing just a few things we gleaned from Scott Meyer’s presentation:Predictive Social Media: Growing Business and Changing a Community. 

I’m going to build the perfect place to live, I’m tired of looking for it,” said Scott.  He’s traveled and lived around the world looking for a place to call home.  He realized he already had that place, where he was from – Brookings, SD.  Scott’s family immigrated from Norway and found themselves in the middle of the South Dakota plains and created their home from literally nothing.  In today’s age, we have the basics and we choose what we want our lives to look like.  Why not become involved in your community and make it better?

We are hardwired to create something that matters.” Another saying I agree with – we all desire to do something that matters – to our families, our friends, our communities.  Why are we not creating greatness right here in our own backyards?

Think about what makes you special, what is your own kind of weirdness? Then go out and find people like you, your own tribe.  Who do you really want to talk to?  Who are those 15 people you’d like to go to dinner with?  Now – go find them, meet them and start building your tribe within your own community.  Find your niche – and then spread out and use social media to build your business and bring others to you – where you are.

Do you have a website?  Get one if you don’t.  Social media is used to introduce yourself to the world.  You want to say hi and then take them back to your home base – your blog and/or website.  Did you know the half-life of a Facebook post is 3.2 hours?  That means that post stays in front of a few people, generally 1-2% of your followers, for only 3.2 hours.  Provide content on your website and continue to direct your Facebook followers to your website.  Use, a free tool, to capture your visitor information and contacts on your website.  You’ll be able to see the people who visit your ‘Contact Me’ form.  Those that don’t fill it out completely are the ones you want to reach out too!  You’ll get forms for the others.

Finally, use the resources at 9 Clouds, Scott’s company, to strengthen your social media knowledge.  Find free guides for your business at:

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