Beaujolais Nouveau with Friends

Wine staticChristine, Cruzanne, Lynn and I used to celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau Day on the third Thursday in November with the new wine from the Beaujolais region from France, crepes and a long and happy meal together.  I think it’s where I started to think that everyone’s birthday was in November.  It was such a fun evening of celebration, friendship and laughter.

Beaujolais Nouveau Day is actually an event of note in France and celebrated on the third Thursday when the new wine is released at 12:01 am.  Parties begin at that time and go long into the morning with wine and food and family and friends.  There are fireworks, music and festivals.  They celebrate the farmers who grow the grapes and celebrate the first wines of the seasons.

A few of us are going to celebrate this year right here in Webster City.  I called Scott at 2nd Street Emporium to see if he had the Beaujolais Nouveau wine and he said no, but we could bring some in if we wished. (Love small town living, #smalltowncool)  We’ve made the reservations, we will celebrate the harvest around us and the farmers who feed the world, we’ll share our dreams for the future, we’ll eat steak and kick off the season of joy.

(read more from the wine coach about this fun, fruity wine here:

Now .. put your thinking caps on with me.  Who do you know that would love to do the same thing with you?  It’s a great way to support a local small business (or two) and also have a great time!  Buy your wine from a local liquor store and eat a local restaurant.  Start a new tradition.  Next year we’re thinking of having this celebration in one of your local retail locations, catering it from one of our local places and making it by invitation.  Can you just see it?  #smalltowncool

And it’s not too late this year for you to go out with friends and family for a good meal at a local place and raise a toast to our farmers and celebrate the harvest season!