Are You Writing?

Back to blogging.

It’s been three days.  Have you written three posts?  
Ahh, maybe you did.  Will you keep up on that pace?  Do you want to?  
Maybe you didn’t.  What do you think you’re blogging pace will be?  
Here are some things to consider.
1. Dont assume that blogging every day makes your posts good blog posts.  What it does for me is create consistency.  I need help in my life being consistent!  I know all of my posts are not good ones!  As I write more, I get better.  I’m consistently doing something.  This rolls over into other areas of my life.  
2.  What is it you are trying to say on your blog?  It took me a couple of months of writing to start to see what my blog was going to be about.  I created an intentions statement.  The intention of my blog is to share knowledge, entertain when possible, and merge work life with home life.  Then I narrowed it down even further to say: Interviews and information for and about small businesses and network marketers.  
3. How long are your posts?  I have the habit of making mine too long.  I’m working on that.  I’m finding the balance that works for me.  

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