Lessons at Hardees

I had a meeting at Hardees.  We (I) chose Hardees because they have free wifi.  

I got there early and saw they had a sign for fish and chips.  That’s a new item out here in the Midwest.  The general manager was working the register.  I asked her how she liked the fish and chips. She swallowed, hard.  Then she looked me right in the eye and said “the fish last year was better.  It’s a lot of money for fish that isn’t the absolute best. ” 
Give that lady a medal!  A big whopping humungous blue ribbon of a medal.  She told the truth to a customer.  Guess where I’ll keep eating?
I sat down and set up my computer.  I couldn’t get the wifi to connect.  The manager (same lady) brought my food back to me and asked was I okay.  I told her I couldn’t get connected.  She let me know she had no idea how to get connected, but ….now get this …. the cook did!  She said she’d send him back to help me.   He was there in minutes.  Static IP problems resolved quickly.

Guess where I’ll keep eating?