A Tip (or Two) for Organizing Articles

I read a lot.  In fact, I read anything I can get my hands on.  I buy magazines and find 3 or 4 articles I want to keep and end up with magazines all over my house and don’t remember why I’ve kept them.

That changed on January 3.  I was in Tucson and reading Woman’s World and there were several articles I wanted to keep.  I could cut them out, put them somewhere and figure out what to do with them when I got home.  Or … I could take a picture of them and keep in a digital file on my computer!  Or I could store them in a flickr album! Or I could put them in a blog post!  Or I could have them in and Evernote file!  The important thing is I no longer have to cut out articles, or decipher why I’m saving a magazine and just end up giving the magazine away and not benefit from them.

Here’s a few pictures of what I learned on the airplane … headed to Tucson.  Thanks Woman’s World!

romcom hair pineapple persimmons warm socks

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