Small Business Review: Wax Werks

IMG_0301I’m in Tucson for continuing education.  I have this weekend free.  Last week was a mad house – mom in the hospital, new years eve, getting ready to come here — just no time to have my (pregnant) niece Lorraine wax my eyebrows and lips.

As you get older, hair magically appears on your face, in places you don’t want to see hair.  My upper lip was a host to a mustache.  That is not acceptable!  Then there are the hard, wiry hairs that show up in my eyebrows.  And they are long, very long.

I needed to have some work done.  But I was in a new city and not sure what to do.  On my first drive around I noticed a cute little neighborhood on 6th street, and there was a business with a great sign called Wax Werks.  I tried to park in front – but there was no parking.  That usually means they are busy!

I came back to my airbnb cottage and thought about it.  Could I do this myself with tweezers?  Sure the eyebrows I could.  But there is no way in hell I was plucking hairs off my upper lip!  So I went to google and found wax werks.  I called and Martha, the owner, answered right away.  I told her I had a caterpillar on my lip and it needed to go.  I was willing to wait until Saturday, however turns out Friday, that day, was available!  In ten minutes.  So I jumped in my rental car Kia Rio and off I went.

Vanessa was my person.  She was on her way to meet with me and take care of my needs.  In the small lobby was a couch and a chair.  I was also surrounded by neat little pictures and decorations.  The desk had products they used, including hair dye for your ‘kitty’.  Imagine that!  Vanessa got there, apologized profusely for running late (she wasn’t) and took me back into her room.

I thought I was in a massage room.  I laid on the table, she turned on a bright light, and asked what I wanted.  I told her my eyebrows needed to be beautiful and get rid of the mustache.  Over the next half an hour she worked and we visited.  Half an hour!  It was relaxing, relatively painless and enjoyable.  When she handed me the mirror, I couldn’t have been happier with the results!

Now … how much was this going to cost?  I was expecting at least $50.  Imagine my surprise when it was only $25!  They also took my information and put it into their computer.  Tiffany said I could always text Martha when I was in town and they would take care of me right away.


  • quick appointment
  • marvelous actual work done
  • pleasant and enjoyable staff
  • comfortable and unique environment
  • reasonable prices


  • parking (however, when I called Martha she said to park next door and there was plenty of room)

Wax Werks


I was NOT paid to write this review.  I was NOT given any free products.  I WAS very happy to share about a local small business! 


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