A Little Bit of Preparation Goes A Long Way

I’ll be at the firehouse all day Saturday for a Home Show Expo.  I’m sharing the 8′ x 10′ booth with a friend who is a Watkins distributor.  

I’ve been putting together a slideshow because we have 30 minutes in which to do a presentation to  a group of people.  
Then I got to thinking.  Which is a task I should have done before I started.  
What do I know about this Home Show Expo?  Here’s a list of questions I will need answers to.
Who is my audience?
Why are they coming to the expo?
What are they expecting from me?
What do I want to concentrate on?
What are my expected results?
I’m assuming it will be local people who attend.  I’m thinking they are coming to see what products we have.  Those two assumptions could get me in trouble.  I could be making a product centered presentation — and these people really want to know about working from home!
I’ve sent off an email to the organizer to get answers for a clearer direction.

Where else in my business am I doing this?  Jumping in with both feet all excited and no clue what I should be doing?  Do you do this too? 


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