Dawn: a definition and a challenge

Sunday in church I learned a new definition for dawn.  

It’s when you recognize a friend’s face.  
Isn’t that so much better than Websters definition: to begin to grow light as the sun rises?
I’ve got a small challenge that just may change your day.  What if you kept track of the friends you see first thing upon the daylight? Are they smiling?  Are they happy? 
It stands to reason the first people we see (and hopefully they are friends) help to set the tempo of the day.   So why wouldn’t you arrange your morning so you are greeted by a smiling face of a friend?  Perhaps you need to make that face virtual. 
Most days I wake up alone.  My husband travels for work and is also in Chicago a lot working.  I am greeted by three smiling happy cats.  I have coffee and sit down to twitter.  My screen saver is now a copy of a print by Hugh from and in the middle it says
Ignore Everyone.  You are responsible for your own experience.  
Sing in your own voice. 

That makes me happy (there’s lots of other advice too).  So happy I’m ordering a print – and I never do that.  Must take that never out of my language!   You can always go look in a mirror and give yourself a GREAT BIG SILLY SMILE! 
So try it — let me know how your day tracks and if you see a happy friends face how that makes a difference. 
photo courtesy of creative commons license over at 
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