3 Words: Explore, Become, Serve

I follow use three words at the beginning of the year to define where I’m headed for the year (or longer).  2012 has been an adventure to better wellness, more paid speaking gigs, and learning to walk in my own paths.  2013 will be more of that and also the following:

explore: to traverse or range over (a region, area, etc.) for the purpose of discovery This year I see more travel in store – both for work and pleasure.  It’s always been a goal to get paid to travel and write about it, now I’m pursuing that goal with determination.  You’ll also see me speaking about using online marketing tools for small businesses, being a brand ambassador for the State of Now Conferences and sharing how everyone can make a difference.

become: to be attractive on, befit in appearance, to come, change, grow I’m also changing, growing and working on my physical health.  God has blessed me with 57 years on the planet, and some days I’ve wondered why I lived and others have died.  I have started to take better care of the body I’m housed in.  I’m also working on some mental health projects and am excited to be part of the Mind: Share Project.  The inner body and outer body are coming together and its rewarding to see it happening.

serve: to render assistance; be of use; help. This year, I’m narrowing down where I’m giving my volunteer time to and working on being more effective in one or two places instead of spreading myself to thin.  I believe in giving back, of being of service, in helping.  This year I plan to do that much more effectively.  I’ve learned I can’t be all things to all people.  Narrowing down my focus allows me to truly help.

Explore, Become, Serve.





  1. Karen Putz on January 6, 2013 at 4:41 am

    Love this! Here’s to an amazing 2013!

  2. Deb Brown on January 8, 2013 at 11:33 pm

    thanks Karen — I’m really looking forward to it!