3 Tips to Increase Your Business

kettle cornSome easy marketing ideas to bring customers into your store – or to pick up the phone and call you – and everyone can do these!

1. I just got a text from the local kettle corn guy.  He sets up at festivals and events all over the area.  But every so often he’ll set up in his front yard.  He sends text messages to everyone that signs up for them.  Nice!   Could you send out texts to favorite customers with your specials?

2. Share cool information.  Be helpful.  Be known as that guy that knows where to get anything – even if its not in your own store.  It pays to know what other stores in your small town have.  Visit them, talk to the owners, make friends.  Competition is good!  Also, when you don’t have a product that a customer wants, and you can tell them where they can find it – it makes you look the good guy.  It makes that customer want to come back in and shop with you another time.  We all know it’s not the first time someone comes in the store that matters.  What matters is if they come back!

3. Say hello to everyone who comes in the door.  Welcome them sincerely.  Share a smile.  It is simply amazing to me how many store workers (whether staff or owners or both) are on their cell phones, or computers, or stocking shelves – and ignore the customer walking in the store. Who wants to shop in that environment?


Now go have a great weekend!

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