2 Things To Do in 2009

Chris Brogan wrote a post about 12 things to stop doing in 2009. He also listed six things to do in 2009. I’ve got two things for you to do.

Let’s be positive. It’s great advice to talk about what you want, not about what you don’t want. If you need some direction along that line, visit These are the people who REALLY know “the secret”.

1. find your passion. Research, spend the time, write about it, ask people what they think your passion is. What do you just love to do? If you could get paid to do it, what would it be? For example, Erin my friend told me that my passion is: travel, writing, financial security, live on the beach, parents who are not broke.

2. Convert your passion into a living. My job involves setting up accounts for people who want safer better products in their home. I write about it. I encourage others to join my team. As my team grows (I help someone, they help someone ….)my check grows. I am already able to help my parents with some of their bills. I will be on the road about four times in 2009. I will own a house on the beach to live in the winter.

Okay – let’s talk about the word job. I really don’t have a job. Just Over Broke. Working for someone else. No opportunity to increase your income above a short level. I have a business. It’s my business. I’m responsible for it. I work, I get paid. Fortunately for me, part of my income comes from residual income. That means, I don’t work, I still get paid. Most entrepreneurs have some form of income tied into residual incomes. If you place ads on your site, it is a form of residual income. Smart business – residual income.

Now let’s be clear about passion. says it is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. So what do you feel powerfully about?
My passion has to get me out of bed in the morning and keep me dreaming. Once you get to know me, you will know that I love to travel. I visit travel sites. I correspond with other travelers. I plan trips. My next big one is Machu Picchu. I am dreaming about 5 days in Paris in June. I’ll be in Orlando in August. There are conventions and tweetups and podcamps I want to go to this year ( and will). I got a job managing a luggage store – and learned so much about travel! I made a lot of contacts and friends in that industry. Okay – I’m catching myself (I know, I’m rambling). I am now in my own business – and it’s one that allows me to work from just about anywhere. So I can travel and still run my business. Do you see how passionate I am about travel?
What is your passion?

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