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Janet Soto Rodriguez, Entrepreneurship Strategist.Business Oregon

It was a tremendous opportunity to learn from your experiences and a great challenge to each of the ROI communities to apply the best practices you shared across Oregon. Participants gave high regards in their evaluations, they said your content was wonderful, practical and empowering. One participant said that much of your content was so simple, it was mind blowing how they had so consistently overlooked what was right in front of them. Another said he had always wanted to kill committee’s and after this weekend, he has no reservations! I think they will indeed take small steps and in some cases, start a revolution.” 

Teresa Keller, Missouri Community Betterment Director of Operations

We were fortunate enough to have Deb Brown join us as our keynote speaker at our 54th Annual Missouri Community Betterment Conference. Deb spoke to approximately 170 individuals (ages 14 & up) from rural communities across Missouri. The relevant subject matter and down-to-earth conversation she presented was just what we were looking for. I received so many positive comments following her presentation and several attendees asked that we invite her back. We were thrilled that Deb chose to participate in the full conference which began Sunday afternoon and didn’t end until Monday evening. This allowed our attendees the opportunity to visit with her one on one and glean additional information and tips from her specific to their community’s needs.

Long-time veterans of MCB and newcomers alike stated that this was one of the best conferences they had been to. This is due in large part to the energetic and empowering message Deb shared which provided new ideas and the boost many of our community members needed. Well Done Deb!!

Jacqualine Cross Fitzgerald, Downtown Community Development, Kenton OH

So enjoy your emails, webinars, and glad to be new members of Save your town. We have found great value in this and chose to invest in being a member.  We were members of of another downtown organization but after many years found no value in it for our small town.  But you all Rock!!! Keep doing the great work you do and blessing us with your wisdom.

Leslie McClellan, Tourism Currents

Deb Brown is the real deal. She speaks from the heart and lives what she speaks. Deb is a wonderful authority and shares her hands-on experiences regarding small towns and making them thrive. If you’re in a small town, you need to hear from Deb.

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Connie Larson, Milbank, SD Chamber of Commerce

Deb’s energy and passion for people and small business is evident in everything she does. From building momentum during a speaking event, to touring small towns, to her blog, she always has a fresh prospective and helpful, positive attitude.” 

Kevin Mason, Forest City

My name is Kevin Mason, and I saw your presentation at Preserve Iowa last week. As a young person in a small Iowa community, I have been asked to wear many hats. It seems as if the list of things to be done never ceases to multiply, and it can be easy to lose focus on what my why is for doing the things that I do. Your presentation last week was an uplifting spark that helped to remind me of why I passionately pursue the projects I do in Forest City. Thank you for your infectious spirit and willingness to share your passion! Have a great week!

James Leonard, Town of Buffalo, Oklahoma

“I appreciated the very relaxed feel to the webinar. No monotone drone that gets tuned out off and on throughout a session… I watched it twice as matter of fact.” 

Rosalie Meyers, Roscommon County Economic Development Corporation Coordinator, Michigan.

“For all of us, it opened our eyes as to what we can do on a smaller scale,” 

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