Onsite Visits

We call this an Embedded Community Experience! 

Deb comes to town and does a walk-through of your town (or drive through), ask a lot of questions and visit with small businesses, community members and groups and organizations. The final evening there will be a presentation to the public based on her findings. The last morning, she will sit down with a group you want her to work with, meet with your board, or have a hands on workshop and hammer out what needs to be discussed.

The presentation will include the data Deb has collected over the previous days. She asks everyone ‘what do you want’ and takes a lot of notes. Deb will share her findings and tell stories of other towns who’ve done the things you want to do. Often she’ll share suggestions about the things she’s seen or heard – all with the goal of helping your community move forward.

In an embedded community experience you’ll learn how to use the Idea Friendly method. You are encouraged to bring together positive people to crowd-source the future of your town. The old way of deciding the future was done by organizations and government, our new way is done by everyone. The old way had someone in control, our new way is to get as many people as possible trying new things.

Deb says, “If it sounds informal, that’s because it is. Intentionally. Because I want you to have practical steps you can put into action right away. I don’t show up with a template and tell you what to do. I’m not there to help you create a master plan that then goes back on a shelf to be dusted off 5 years later and rewritten. I want everyone in the community who wants to participate to be valued and welcomed. Each embedded community experience is tailored to the needs of your community and what works for you.”


People often say they wish more of their town could have heard one of these presentations. Any audience member can sign up for a 30 minute video featuring Becky McCray and Deb Brown found at www.saveyour.town.  The videos change each month and address rural challenges. Megaphone Members have access to all of the videos. Plus they’ll get weekly email newsletters to reinforce the important concepts and generate more discussion locally.


Reach out and contact Deb!

Cell phone: 641-580-0103

email: deb@buildingpossibility.com