You’re creating everything. What’s your story?

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One of the principles of Feng Shui is that everything is connected ….and the Law of Attraction tells us we create our own reality.

If you wanted proof, quantum physicists have now proved the observer changes what is observed. Which means the very act of you observing something changes it and you’re creating what you see in your ‘reality’. You’re creating a whole world to fit your own story in every moment. And as part of this planet, your story is likely based on an illusion of limitation, scarcity, fear and all kinds of beliefs about how things are.

Now you may think this is woo woo, but when quantum physicists are telling us they have proven the observer changes what is observed – maybe it’s not so woo woo after all. This is by the way, the reason for double blind studies – they know researchers can easily skew results just by observing their subjects.

Given the mid life crisis the world is going through, looking at things from another perspective will help you navigate through the planet’s changes and your own too.

Acknowleging this connection gives you way to work with the parts of yourself that cause you distress. Others are a reflection of you because you are creating them. Without your judgements, irritation, dislike, hatred even, you might never know such stresses existed within yourself – which means you’d be at their effect and nothing would ever change.

For example: Think about money.

How do you feel about someone who has more money than you? Do you judge them in some way? Even just a little bit? This person represents part of you but they don’t fit your picture of how things ’should’ be for you so you judge them for caring more about money than people, or flaunting their money, or being out of integrity, or for having more than their share, or whatever your story might be about what people with money do.

Meanwhile apart from the stress these judgements cause, you’re sending out mixed messages to the Universe – asking to attract more money perhaps or asking for the means to buy a house or pay your mortgage, while rejecting those people (who are a reflection of part of you, remember) who do have money coming their way more easily. So you sabbotage your prosperity by rejecting that potentially prosperous part of yourself.

Taking note of the discomfort you feel gives you an awareness of the energy you’re sending out towards those who are more prosperous. Without that you might never know what blocks mo’ney coming your way.

Another example: when someone doesn’t keep their commitment to you, perhaps doesn’t pay you on time or doesn’t do what they said they would. They too are a reflection of you.

Time to take a look at where you’re not keeping your commitments. Where do you not show up as you say you will – perhaps not showing up to the gym as you said you would?? Where are you not showing up for yourself, or keeping a commitment to others? Look hard, there will be something you can clean up to get that energy flowing more freely.

Taking note of where you judge others gives you the opportunity to empower yourself. When you accept responsiblity for what you’re creating out there – rather than beating yourself up – you have the opportunity to choose to step into your power. Just thnk about how amazing it is that you created all these people, everything you see around you – it’s sort of mind blowing when you think of it. And this is a reflection of your consciousness – your default mode.

If you were powerful enough to create everything to appear so real, just think what you could create with a shift in consciousness and intention. Your new default mode would automatically create a different picture.

Just take this on for a moment. You created me writing this for you to read! You’ve created every person, interraction, relationship. Everything that comes your way. And I’ve created you to be reading this in my world. I’ve created you either resonating with this or thinking I’m being very woo woo.

It’s worth playing with this to see how it fits.

I find this incredibly empowering. Change does not come from what you’re doing. It comes from who you’re being. What you’re experiencing in your life is a reflection of who you’re being now and the stories you believe.

You can do, do, do all you like. But if you’re still in your limiting, scarcity, lack mode – you might as well just take the day/week/month off and stop trying to push things.

Take a look at what people in your life are reflecting back to you – your partner, your friends, people in the supermarket, your bank manager, your clients, the IRS or Revenue Canada even. You’ve created them to teach you something. Now – what can you learn about yourself from your judgements, and where would you like to make some tweaks in YOUR story?

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