Your House Number is no Accident

Vicki White is my guest blogger today — let’s have a little fun with house numbers!  …Deb

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There are no accidents. You subconsciously choose your specific home for a reason. Apart from the energy patterns in the shape of your home, you can also look at the numerology of your house number you discover additional energies that are supporting you, and energy that’s there to provide the lessons you need. The more aware you are of the energies impacting you, the more you can intentionally use them to empower you on your journey through life.

Each vibration gives you what we need. Here you can discover the energy you were unconsciously attracted to when you chose your home, present and past. Used in conjunction with Feng Shui you have tools to use in choosing your next home.

How to calculate the numerology of your home:

Add each number and if the total is more than 9, add those numbers to get a number between 1-9. For example:

658 Knoll Street is a 1 vibration

1006 Wellington Road is a 7 vibration

If you have an apartment number and a street number, the apartment number will have the strongest impact, but both will influence you. For example:

#59-2520 Johnson Road. Your primary influence is a 5 vibration, and secondary is a 9 vibration

Below you’ll discover the energy each number represents. Have fun with this. The flow of energy in your home and the energy associated with your house number are important aspects of the big picture of your life.

What your number means

These are the energies associated with each number and the challenges you could experience living in this energy. There is always a balance of yin and yang and you can use both to support you.

One Energy: independence and new beginnings, self-development, individuality, creativity.
Possible Challenges: completing things, going it alone, you may feel isolated.
Suggestions: intentional self-growth, ask for and receive support.

Two Energy: marriage/partnerships, relationship lessons, giving to others, connection with others in the home, peace and diplomacy, empathy.
Possible Challenges: oversensitivity, can appear to exclude others.
Suggestions: listen to your inner voice, be involved in the outside world.

Three Energy: miracles, openness, optimism, expansion, self-expression, big vision for your life, rich social life
Possible Challenges: expand too quickly, scattered energies, ‘enjoy now pay later’ tendency.
Suggestions: time in nature to stay grounded, focus on self-care and balance, stay connected with others.

Four Energy: stability, healing, wholeness, being grounded, fulfillment and security in work, service to others, productivity.
Possible Challenges: healing and work can make it seem like there is no play.
Suggestions: take time to have fun, focus on balance.

Five Energy: change, freedom, adventure, excitement, manifesting desires, communication, travel, romance.
Possible challenges: things get magnified – the good and the bad, life can seem like a whirlwind, you might feel hemmed in.
Suggestions: take time to make important decisions, be intentional about your goals, make use of this powerful energy to manifest what you want.

Six Energy: self-harmony, balance, social responsibility, family, creativity.
Possible challenges: giving too much, becoming reclusive.
Suggestions: seek balance between giving to others and self-care, get out into the world.

Seven Energy: solitude, inner wisdom, contemplation, sanctuary, dreams, visions
Possible Challenges: difficult space to share with others, spiritual rather than material focus, “no one understands me”.
Suggestions: use your creativity to find like minded people – they are out there.

Eight Energy: wholeness, abundance in all areas, empowerment, leadership, public recognition, inner peace.
Possible Challenges: mo.ney issues, being self-centered.
Suggestions: express gratitude, use this energy to learn abundance lessons, consider the welfare of others

Nine Energy: completions, humanitarianism, wisdom, generosity, compassion, good fortune.
Possible Challenges: in seeing the big picture you might miss seeing an aspect of yourself that needs energy.
Suggestions: live your truth and be an example to others, use this energy to experience life mastery.

What is the energy of your home?

Where is your challenge?

How can you use this energy to support yourself?

Knowing the meaning of your house number, how can you use the gift of this energy to set a powerful intention for yourself?

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  1. Becky McCray on January 23, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    I love numbers and playing with them, just like this. But I got a laugh out of house numbers. My house had no number. Really, no number at all. After I moved in, I called the county to find out the number they assigned. (19280 – a ridiculously large number for a community of 30 people.)

    I did pick my PO box number: 8. I wanted a really small number to make a statement about small towns. But I like what Vicky says about 8. 🙂

    • deb on January 25, 2010 at 1:40 pm

      Becky – I know what you mean. I live at 1740 105th Street— that’s a farm outside of town! We do have you beat with 141 people in our town. It was fun to play with these numbers and I like being a 9.