Workshop: Filling Empty Buildings

See you there!Tuesday, August 16, at 6 pm CST join Becky McCray and I as we present our next workshop: Filling Empty Buildings.  


You want to fill up those empty buildings downtown, but all the economic development strategies you find sound like they were written for big cities. You want help that works for a small town! We have that help. Join us for this webinar, and you’ll hear a dozen ideas to inspire action, fill those buildings with businesses and boost the prosperity of your town.

How do you start? And how do you get reluctant building owners to work with you? You’ll get real-world examples of how small communities that have turned empty buildings into busy places. We’ll talk about the best place to look for local opportunities in your town. We’ll cover some common barriers and how to breach them, and we’ll share special strategies for getting past the automatic “no” from those impossible property owners.

And if you’ve been waiting for us to talk about the Tour of Empty Buildings, this is it! That’s just one of the ideas, though. Expect to hear more about shared spaces, pop-ups, and even what to do with those buildings that are in bad shape.

It’s $20 to register and you can attend live, and/or the replay is available until August 30.   Simply visit this page to register:

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