Sunday Update: Set a Goal

Lisbon seen from "Senhora do Monte"Of course you’ve heard all the hoopla – set goals, continue long after the motivation has gone, be your own hero, yadda yadda yadda.

I’ve done that – set huge, bodacious goals in hopes that I could achieve them.  Lose 100 pounds!  Ride in RAGBRAI!! Climb a mountain!!  After six weeks or so, reality set in and I just got disappointed.  Who am I kidding?  What makes me think this human body can do the miraculous? Then is food based depression all over again and we are back where we started from.

I’m setting small, achievable goals these days.  Starting with 5,000 steps a day using my Fitbit to track them.  This past week I walked just over 20,000 steps.  (Monday – Friday is what I track)

I’m working with a trainer twice a week.  Our goal is to strengthen my core. A strong core gives you good balance (great for over 60 types like me), it helps to keep your back pain free, makes it easier to move, lift and carry.  She is in agreement with the walking and wants me to start walking some small hills this month.

I’m eating better – vegetables, fruit and lean meat.  That’s the goal.  I did have two cupcakes this week.  Guess what?  That’s life.  I’m done beating myself up about it.  I’m working at eating reasonably each day and adding in more vegetables.  Sometimes they just get mashed up in my shake for the day – and hey, that counts.  And you betcha I take supplements – the best out there, by Melaleuca.

I found a Pilates video and an ab video in my Amazon Prime – 20 minute videos.  On the days I don’t work with my trainer, I’m getting in a quick workout at home.  This weekend my 9 year old great niece Hailey did them with me!

So here’s the deal — I’m headed to Lisbon, Portugal in November.  I want to be able to walk comfortably each day I’m there.  There are hills, lots to see and do, and people to talk to.  My goal – is to have a great time when I’m there and have walked all over the city without being stopped by pain, shortness of breath and other complaints because I didn’t prepare.

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