What have you done for your small business?

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Have you got a small business? It could be a brick and mortar or a home business.  Do you know how to use social media to promote your business?

Most people don’t.  Most listen to a friend who tells them to go to facebook.  They don’t tell them what to do when they get there.

Or they tell them they need a blog.  But they don’t tell them what to put on that blog.

Have you got a strong social media peer network?  Do you have a social media advisor or mentor?

Is your head swimming yet?

We’ve made it easy for you.  Debworks and G2Media have organized the Small Business Social Media Summit.  We’ve recognized the needs of the small business in using social media.  We’ve made it affordable.  And we’ve gotten the best speakers – small business owners doing the deal every day.

Visit Register today.  Why not invest in your business?

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