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I’m operating in Warrior Mode. A warrior, to me, is someone who reaches for the highest fruit on the tree.  Someone who is willing to learn and be more.  Someone who has discipline and honor.  Someone who believes life is sacred and we are invited to be grand in our experience of it.

Do you want to have a conversation with me and talk (as in gossip) about someone else?  Nope – not part of the warrior code.

Do you want me to pig out and eat foods not good for me?  Nope – not part of the warrior code.

Do you want me to step back, take it easy, let someone else do it?  Nope – not part of the warrior code.

Edward Tick says it well.  Here is an excerpt from What Is A Warrior.

What are the characteristics of the warrior? The ideal warrior is assertive, active and energized. He or she is clear-minded, strategic, and alert. A warrior uses both body and mind in harmony and cooperation. A warrior is disciplined. A warrior assesses bothhis own resources and skills and those arrayed against him. A warrior is a servant of civilization and its future, guiding, protecting, and passing on information and wisdom. A warrior is devoted to causes he judges to be more important and greater than himself or any personal relationships or gain.

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