Walkabout Anyone?

Walk - Green ManMy Project for March: A Walkabout 

I’m testing the Zen walking shoe from Vionic next.  Starting today I’ve promised to walk for the next 28 days for 30 minutes a day.  If it stays cold, I’ll be at the gym.  I think I’ll break my walks up into ten minute jaunts, if I can be outside.
The Vionic Walkabout, is a 28-day campaign, also sponsored by Dr. Andrewl Weil and celebrity trainer Juliet Kaska, which encourages the public to walk for 30 minutes a day for their heath.  Participants will receive weekly emails with healthy recipes from Dr. Weil and fitness tips from Juliet Kaska. There will also be chances to win prizes such as shoes and a grande prize of being flown to LA for a healthy lifestyle weekend.  We would love for you to sign up for the Walkabout! The campaign kicks off Monday, March 3rd and runs through the end of March.
Below are some helpful links.

Walkabout Sign Up:

Yes Magazine wrote a great article that caught my attention with SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING headline!  Here’s a few excerpts that explain why walking is good for businesses and communities:

  • Dr. Regina Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General from 2009-2013, said, “You know that exercise is medicine. It’s also good for the social fabric of our communities.”
  • Karen Marlo, vice-president of the National Business Group on Health, an alliance of leading companies, explained, “Walking is a business issue. A healthy workforce means a more successful workforce. It’s important for businesses to share effective ways to get employees to walk more.”

Read the entire article by clicking here.  Now, care to join me on a walkabout?


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